Alan Kiel

In these difficult times with regards to lockdown & other restrictions imposed because of Corona Virus, the system has benefited us much due to easy access from remote locations.

Alan Kiel T. Irlanda
Vice President / General Manager, Kline Logistics, Philippines

Vandana Guleria

We appreciate and honoured to be associated with Softlink. We are continuing our normal business and connected across locations even during this worldwide locked down period.

Vandana Guleria
Executive Director, INEXT Logistics, India

Kamal Jain

It has been a great support for Cargomen in knowing the business in a rightful manner, the type of support we get from the software, its support, the features and the application it provides are quite apt and suitable for our requirements and the biggest part is the continuous evolution in the product, we keep finding the new features and their customer support is very friendly and homely .

Neeta Shah

I am very impressed with the GSTR return filing via IRIS along with integrated Financial Accounting feature in Logi-sys Pro. With this facility, we were able to make our business more process oriented .

Neeta Shah
Proprietor, Navkar Shipping

Kiran Kashikar

The primary reason why we chose Logi-Sys Pro is due to its GST Compliance feature and this being integrated with its Billing and Accounting module is icing on the cake .

Kiran Kashikar
Director, Kwick Cargo Tracers & Lifters

Mr. B. Adarsh

Live Impex is an excellent tool and helps us to filing the documents on time without any hassles. Domain is quite helpful in getting the regular updated within stipulated time .

Mirko Knezevic

I am sure that Logi-Sys will help us not only to integrate and streamline our operations which are spread across the globe but also empower management to take informed decisions.

Mirko Knezevic
Global COO, UTC Overseas

Mr. Amarnath

Cloud solutions are powering modern business all over the globe. Adopting to the changing industry demands is the need of the hour

Mr. Amarnath
Managing Director, Far N Par

Suraj Rajan

 We knew that only the power and strength of a centralised IT system could cater to the ever increasing demands of our customers. Achieving those deliverables in time would keep us ahead of the competition. The decision to move to ‘Logi-Sys’ was solely based on the advanced features it had. This would help us to enhance customer experience vis-a-vis their desktop variants, which are still used by many of our competitors .

Suraj Rajan
CEO, Suraj Forwarders

AM Rajan

We were users of Softlink’s desktop applications for years together, and only chose to migrate to their cloud based “Logi-Sys” after evaluating other available options. The cloud based application we knew Logi-Sys will go live well before the new financial year begins.We believe that Logi-Sys compliments our objective to provide high quality service to our premium clients at no additional costs .

AM Rajan
Managing Director, Suraj Forwarders

Zubin Shah

Logi-Sys can provide real insight into understanding gaps and bottlenecks in logistics processes. As leading service providers, it’s particularly important that we identify any bottlenecks and inefficient processes. Logi-Sys provides seamless integration between the different logistics process and we believe it will have a significant impact on our productivity and efficiency.

Zubin Shah
Managing Director , LP Group

Xavier Britto

We felt that it was time for us to upgrade to Logi-Sys to gain additional benefits of the advancements in technology. Using Cloud based system to save the IT Infrastructure overheads was an appealing point. Also, the centralization of our services and branches will help us effectively fulfill our growing customer demands.

Xavier Britto
Chairman & MD, Indev Group

P. S. Atree

AEO Status is the result of systematic planning, continuous improvement, focused efforts and highly effective utilization of technology. We exploited the benefits of Logi-Sys to create a solid platform that can provide standardisation in procedures and control over operations & finance. Results were great! We can completely rely on the system we have designed using Logi-Sys to enhance the outcome further.

Mr. Amar Rao

Live Impex is helping us improve our services with its swift and efficient Customs filing and management capabilities. We have been able to eliminate errors and delays in documentation and ICEGATE filing. The web based solutions gives us the freedom and flexibility to work at any time from any location and helps us in serving our customers better.

ATC Group

ATC is growing rapidly and it was time to switch to advanced technology to integrate our operations of all business verticals from all branches. The centralization of our services and offices will help us to efficiently fulfill our organizational needs of internal controls, reporting systems & target fulfillment mapping. Consolidated accounting and finance closely integrated with operations will empower us with more effective financial discipline.

Vijay Mehta

Logi-Sys has helped us in delivering greater value to our customers by curbing delay and enhancing customer interactions at all levels. The same has been appreciated by our customers.

Sunil Krishnan

Softlink brings a complete depth and width of expertise in providing holistic software solutions for Logistics sector.

Subhasish Ghosh

Softlink’s product helps us to manage many key processes within the stipulated time. Their support and regular product updates are very valuable.

Jason D’souza

In Softlink, we found a capable and trusted partner who has a long history of providing value-based products and developing successful customer relationships. The domain expertise, professional approach and technological competence of Softlink are commendable.

Harihar Nath

I am not surprised that Logi-Sys is successful in grabbing attention of international players. We have been using Logi-Sys for more than four years and I must admit that it has helped us optimize our resources, capacity building & reduced our administrative costs. The customer support that is provided is efficient & solves our doubts on demand. It also gives us the flexibility to work from anywhere, thus making our operations convenient & more time and cost efficient.

Ravi Shah

There is a strong partnership between LP Group and Softlink. We both have the end customer in mind and are looking to achieve the same goals. Softlink engineered Logi-Sys delivers performance enhancement capabilities that help reduce costs by simplifying processes.

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