Customs Clearance

About a decade ago, the movement of goods internationally required meticulous planning. Fast forward to today and the process is much simpler and faster. The speed-up customs clearance process has facilitated increased import and export volumes in India and also globally.

“In January 2022, India’s imports and exports amounted to over USD 86 Billion”

The increased trade volume now demands more automation in customs clearance, with better accuracy. Technology has touched many areas of customs clearance. Yet, many Custom House Agents (CHA) feel content with the continued use of legacy desktop-based software.

Misconceptions about modern technology are keeping traditional CHAs from becoming fully efficient. By adopting web-based customs clearance solutions, CHAs remain unaffected by pandemic-like situations.

A smooth flowing customs clearance process brings efficiency and builds resilience against disruptions. We break down why customs processes are impacted; before seeing ways to avoid them.

Reason for delay in customs clearance

Delays, stoppages and rejections at customs are usually the errors originating either at your end or your client’s. Not much can be done when your clients have missed providing accurate information about the cargo. 

Customs officers picking your cargo for examination could be a random choice. But if your staff is still keying customs data manually, you’re at risk of getting delayed due to data entry errors. An incorrect HS code, weight, country of origin/destination, missed declaration, invoice, or packing list calls attention from the customs officers.

3 ways to secure minimal disruptions in customs clearance

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Eliminate manual entry

This one’s a given if you want to avoid errors and subsequent back and forth with the customs department. Filing customs is a time-consuming activity, even if you’ve been doing it for decades. With customs clearance software, you create masters of your clients and their consignees/consignors along with charges and duties. Picking and choosing from pre-filled masters is just smooth and eliminates typing out details and thereby errors.

Reduce redundancy with automation

Repeating several steps for customs filing is another reason that comes in the way of a smooth process. When you work with trusted customs software, your clients can receive daily status reports at a time that you decide.

Enhance your process with automation like auto-reading messages from ICEGATE including acknowledgment, BE, examination order and TR-6 Challan. The beauty of using web-based customs clearance software is working with the latest notification, always. How? A dedicated team works round the clock to ensure every customs notification is checked and implemented before you log in the following day.

Get real-time updates and take action faster

For you to grow as a CHA, knowing how you are doing in different lanes – operationally and financially – is crucial. Performance reports, MIS reports and graphs are an easier way to gain an understanding of the health of your company.

Web-based solutions help you take approvals from clients nearly instantly. This is possible due to in real-time accessibility of data. A synchronized track & trace dashboard shows filing progress in real-time. Your clients experience prompt support when you answer their queries at the earliest.

Final word

Going with the trends of increased imports and exports, ambitious CHAs like you must be equipped to handle all clearances with ease. Customs clearance software streamlines processes and brings your customers a holistic experience. Iron out the inefficiencies in your custom clearing processes and sail on with confidence. 

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