Logistics Industry

As the world increasingly recognizes logistics as the backbone of the global economy, Softlink Global asserts its role not just as a participant but as a trailblazer within this crucial industry. Our initiatives are not just solutions; they are transformative processes that redefine industry standards and practices. In this detailed exploration, we delve into the significant strides we are making across various dimensions of logistics and education.

LogiTHON 2024: Solving Real-World Logistics Challenges

LogiTHON 2024 stands out as a cornerstone event that not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also acts as a catalyst for the future of logistics technology. During this event, held on April 19-20, the brightest engineering minds tackled some of the most pressing challenges facing the logistics sector today. These challenges ranged from revolutionizing warehouses with AI and robotics, enhancing the security of international supply chains through blockchain technology, optimizing routes in real-time to account for cost, time, and environmental impact, to automating data conversion with self-learning AI systems.

The solutions proposed aimed at transforming theoretical concepts into actionable technologies that enhance efficiency, speed, and accuracy in logistics operations. Participants engaged in a rigorous competition to develop dynamic route optimization algorithms and intelligent warehouse management systems, among other innovations. The hackathon not only fostered a competitive spirit but also nurtured an environment of learning and growth under the mentorship of industry veterans.

Mr. Pratapsinh Kakasaheb Desai, President of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), graced the event as the Chief Guest, applauding Softlink’s innovative approach and effective execution. His presence underscored the significance of LogiTHON in bridging the gap between academic learning and industry demands.

The event concluded with substantial prizes, with the top teams receiving cash rewards totaling 6 lakh rupees, recognizing their potential to contribute positively to the logistics industry.

Learn more from our experts how you can digitalize your freight forwarding & logistics business.

Logi-Sys Arena: The Crucible of Innovation

The launch of the Logi-Sys Arena late last year marked a significant leap towards fostering a culture of continuous innovation within the logistics sector. Coined as “The Crucible of Innovation,” the Arena is not just a facility but a dynamic ecosystem designed to catalyze collaboration among professionals across logistics, customs compliance, and supply chain management.

At the heart of the Arena’s activities are specialized training sessions, brainstorming forums, and mentorship programs aimed at empowering logistics professionals to develop solutions that positively impact the global supply chain. The Arena serves as a melting pot for ideas, where the brightest minds come together to explore, experiment, and elevate the logistics practices to new heights.

Logi-Sys Certification Program: Empowering the Next Generation of Logisticians

The Logi-Sys Certification Program, an initiative under Softlink Academy, reflects our commitment to addressing the skills gap in the logistics industry. By collaborating with renowned institutions like Garware Institute and Mumbai University, the program offers comprehensive training that equips participants with the necessary skills to excel in a complex global trade environment.

The program is meticulously designed to produce not only skilled logisticians but also thought leaders who can navigate and influence the logistics sector’s future directions. Participants gain firsthand experience in tackling real-world challenges, making them valuable assets to any logistics operation.

Collaborative Educational Initiatives with Coimbatore Marine College

Our partnership with Coimbatore Marine College exemplifies our strategic approach to integrate practical industry insights with academic learning. This collaboration is crucial in preparing a workforce that is knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to take on the global challenges of tomorrow.

By focusing on practical applications and real-world problem-solving, we ensure that students are not only educated but are also prepared to implement their knowledge effectively in the logistics field. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to fostering a well-rounded educational ecosystem that supports the development of future logistics professionals.


Softlink Global is reshaping the logistics landscape through a combination of strategic educational collaborations, innovative challenges like LogiTHON, and platforms such as the Logi-Sys Arena. Our efforts are geared towards creating a more connected, efficient, and innovative global trade ecosystem. As we continue to invest in the human capital and technologies that drive this industry, our role as architects of the future of logistics becomes ever more pivotal. Investors and industry stakeholders alike will find a resilient, forward-thinking, and growth-oriented partner in Softlink Global, as we continue to pioneer the path towards a transformed logistics landscape.

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