Today, software applications are critical tools for logistics organizations to achieve and sustain growth. Cloud-based solutions are essential as they enable logistics companies to get the most value out of logistics operations. The ever increasing customer service expectations, need of timely and accurate communication and information based decision making are factors that drive success. Logistics companies and freight forwarders can immensely benefit by integrating logistics operations using Logi-Sys – Comprehensive Cloud ERP for freight & logistics industry. Logi-Sys creates a single platform to amalgamate various business functions such as Billing & Accounts, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service with logistics operations. Let us see how Logi-Sys can effectively help logistics companies in improving logistics operations.

1) Improve Customer Service

A Happy Customer brings repeat business opportunities. Accurate and timely communication is essential to keep the customer updated. Logi-Sys helps in improving customer satisfaction by allowing logistics companies to provide exceptional customer service. Logi-Sys drives visibility through accurate and Real- Time information throughout the organization, customers and supply chain, enabling quick and informed decision making. With Real-Time shipment tracking and automated alerts customers receive the required information easily and on time. Automation and Ready-to-Use reports such as Daily Shipment Status report proactively share valuable information with the customers. Logi-Sys helps logistics companies to create a complete Customer Portal integrating their website and mobile platforms to serve the customers quickly and more efficiently. They can provide their customer with Online Booking of new orders; access to financial information like Outstanding Payments, Statement of Accounts and Inventory tracking, ASN & GIO requests etc. By automating the customer service function, logistics companies can reduce the time, efforts and costs spent in these activities.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

2) Increase Sales & Revenue

Powerful CRM module of Logi-Sys helps logistics service providers to track their funnel through entire sales cycle to improve efficiency of sales team and initiate actions to increase revenue. Logi-Sys manages sales right from the Inquiry to client acquisition covering the entire sales process. All Rates and Tariffs can be maintained, Quotations can be generated and Sales Performance can be measured. Marketing campaigns, strategies and their success rate can be managed efficiently with Logi-Sys. Forecasting, Budgeting, Lead Management and Campaign Measurement, including ROI Measurement can be easily tracked. This helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and make necessary amendments to the communication strategies. KYC information available in CRM helps in driving successful marketing campaigns.

3) Better Decision Making with Management Reports

Logi-Sys empowers logistics companies with Automated Reports, Dashboards and KPIs to create an information reporting platform and enables management to make quick, accurate and informed decisions. Improving the time and quality of decision making results in simplifying operations and avoiding costly errors. Data generated through day-to-day operations, when stored and exploited fully, can provide insightful inferences. The outcomes have huge potential for increasing operational efficiency, improving customer experience and creating useful new business models that can drive revenue growth. Using the historical and real-time data generated in Logi-Sys to create comprehensive reports helps in informed decision making.

4) Increase Profitability

Effective usage of Logi-Sys at critical juncture of business successfully increases the profitability. With Logi-Sys, logistics companies can effectively integrate financial accounting with operations to improve cash-flows, reduce costs and control revenue leakages. Logistics companies can make use of automatic alerts & notifications to improve the speed of response and avoid negative business impact. Optimising the operations using Logi-Sys for process standardisation and EDI improves workflows and increases the productivity which has positive effects on the profitability. Mentioned above are some of the major advantages that Logi-Sys brings to the table. There are many such key enhancements for operational, tactical and top management level which guide freight forwarding and logistics companies to improve their operations and performance.

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