Simplified Logistics

Fast paced and expanding, the global supply chain today has become more demanding than ever. The growing business is great for freight and logistics companies. But to succeed in longer run, logistics companies must provide their customers with reliable solutions. Customers today demand Freight and Logistics companies to be – Faster, Timely and Cost-Effective. To fulfill the expectations of their customers, logisticians must turn to modern logistics technology. The recent technological advancements such as cloud computing and mobility solutions are changing the way the entire supply chain is managed. The evolving technology helps logistics companies not only to provide better services to their customers but also helps to improve revenue opportunities by reviving existing business models. Allow me to further explain, how technology is reinventing logistics business.

Improve Logistics Productivity

Process standardization in logistics helps tremendously to improve the productivity. ERP software for freight and logistics organizations integrates all operations into single operational platform. Centralizing operations using logistics ERP software helps to create and efficiently manage SOPs and other operational guidelines. Logistics companies can measure variations in their processes such as order picking, inventory management, shipping and many other activities. Creating process standards helps in being compliant, save time and costs.

Be more Efficient

Efficiency is about doing smarter work rather than just doing more work. Continuous improvement in logistics processes drives higher productivity. But the decision to choose the right processes is also critical. Logisticians must first focus on improving the significant processes and not waste longer time on activities which are not critical for customers. Logistics companies can implement freight and logistics software to reduce the time, efforts and costs. For Eg. Logistics companies with multiple branches can save time and efforts spent in re-entering the same information. This way, they can also eliminate the errors that can occur while manually entering the data every time.

Make Insightful Decisions backed by Information

Data speaks and it speaks business, all we need to do is to listen. Freight and logistics software can analyze the available data and provide actionable insights which assist in making quicker and smarter decisions. With Reports and Dashboards, logistics companies can effectively manage assets, shipments, schedules, costs and compliance — even when their operations are stretched across the world. Information reporting helps logistics companies become more agile and proactive which in turn assists in providing better services to their customers.

Manage Work-Flow

Logistics is a series of inter-dependent activities where if one activity is delayed the entire supply chain gets affected. Remember, we can only be as fast as the slowest member of our team. This makes workflow management extremely important to avoid unnecessary delays. Freight and logistics companies can reduce bottlenecks and eliminate delays by proper work-flow management. For eg. An email for approval which is pending for long time can delay the further processes. By clearly defining Roles, Responsibilities and Time-Lines for each task, such delays can be easily eliminated.

Communicate Quickly

Availability of right information at right time to right people is extremely important, especially in unpredictable logistics industry. Fortunately, technology today has enabled us to be connected 24×7 to our business. Logistics ERP Software creates a communication platform that connects all stake holders of the supply chain. Freight forwarders and logistics companies can make use of Auto-Alerts & Notifications to send important communication to concerned teams and customers. Scheduled reports and tracking also helps in automating and fastening customer service. EDI allows global connectivity with carriers and shippers to improve communication.

Customers always need logistics partners who can successfully deliver the cargo within time at lowest possible cost. With superior software and technology, freight and logistics players can look forward to providing required services to their customers. They can Reinvent business models, Improve communications and Increase productivity which will work together to boost customer trust and brand loyalty.

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