Six key features to look for in a digital freight forwarding solution

We have come a long way from running software on floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs. Today, the software does not even need to reside on a hard disk or even on your premises. Along with mobility, tools for ease of business are growing in other benefits every day.

With improved security and accessibility, modern freight forwarding software has overcome the limitations of software running on desktops and other older software. Yet, forwarders continue to be apprehensive about investing in digital freight software.

Today, solutions are not just about conducting operations smoothly but must also be capable of:

  • maximizing value to customers
  • driving a competitive advantage
  • being always ready for the next challenge

Choosing a digital freight solution among the several available can be a daunting task. But there are a few must-have features that should be a part of your solution that will encompass your organizational goals.

1. Single database, shared access

Digital cloud-based freight solutions have changed the way we perceive software. Forwarders have adopted branching out verticals to better suit running the business. The sales team may be placed closer to the ports or more strategic locations. The back office for billing and administration could be at another location. Logi-Sys, a cloud-based solution, brings effective collaboration and streamlined communication between scattered teams and locations. It is made possible with a single-database model that stores data from all verticals and locations.

2. Smooth Document Management

The freight industry has always been heavy on compliance and regulation due to the different countries and territories involved. To ensure all procedures are complied with, freight companies are expected to hold on to the past certain months’ documentation. This became a problem when the pandemic struck as paper-based compliance made the process extremely slow. Digital documentation is the key to unlocking the potential for seamless document management. An essential feature for freight forwarder solutions is to have a document upload portal for shippers to quickly submit and approve documents like invoices, Bill of Lading, etc.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

3. Double-check approval mechanism

At times, smaller billing errors can be a source of embarrassment and even losses for the company. On average, one out of every four freight bills contains an error. With daily transactions running into hundreds, companies stand to be impacted majorly. Logi-Sys helps avoid such problems with a multi-level approval check feature on sensitive documents.

4. Mobile app

When the field officers and teams are on the move, they must be empowered with on-demand data access. When outstanding payment details, sales, and other reports are accessible from a mobile app, provide agility to the freight software users. Updating the status of tasks from the app itself makes it convenient to collaborate remotely as well.

5. Data insights

With assistance in process evaluation and reporting, forwarders can take steps to improve or fix issues. Intuitive reports via KPIs and dashboards allow managers to quickly analyze the performance of various functions. Historical and future trends help in mitigating risks and planning growth strategies.

6. Ready to help you scale

A good freight company is always willing to take on more business when the opportunity presents itself. Choose solutions that allow you to scale up by adding modules as and when needed as you grow to support your expansion plan. Smart scalability is a must-have software feature for SMEs who are ambitious and believe in themselves.

Do more with digital freight solutions

As more companies undertake the digital transformation, the competition is set to get more challenging. Distinguish yourself from the competition by providing valuable services keeping your customers in mind. Implementing Logi-Sys will accelerate your operational efficiency by optimizing processes with intelligent data insights. Schedule your demo today.

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