Compliance for Exporters

In a strategic response to the recent government notification requiring exporters or their agents to declare freight and insurance details, even when included in the item’s cost, Softlink Global has pioneered a pragmatic solution, seamlessly integrated into its products Logi-Sys and Live IMPEX, to alleviate the complexities this new mandate introduces.

The challenge at hand involves the meticulous declaration of freight and insurance values at the invoice level, a task that becomes particularly intricate when managing multiple invoices per shipment. This regulatory shift, while aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability in trade practices, necessitates a recalibration of how exporters and their agents manage compliance documentation.

Softlink Global, a stalwart in the industry with a commanding 80% market share, has ingeniously crafted a solution that allows users to declare freight or insurance as a percentage or value at the shipment level, ensuring stringent compliance without compromising operational efficiency. This feature, now available in our Logi-Sys and Live IMPEX platforms, not only ensures adherence to the new regulatory framework but also fortifies the robustness of our software solutions in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of trade compliance.

Advantages to Logi-Sys and Live IMPEX Users

  1. Effortless Compliance

Navigate through the new compliance requirements with ease, ensuring all declarations are accurate and timely

  1. Enhanced Efficiency

Maintain operational flow without getting bogged down by the additional administrative tasks the new mandate could impose

  1. Scalable Solutions

Whether managing a single or multiple invoices per shipment, our solution scales to meet your needs, ensuring every detail is managed meticulously

Softlink Global continues to affirm its supremacy in innovating for supply chains, demonstrating a profound understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent to the industry. Our solutions, consistently ahead of the curve, ensure our clients navigate through regulatory changes with unparalleled ease and precision.

In conclusion, Softlink Global, with its unwavering commitment to providing timely, relevant, and effective solutions, has once again showcased its adept ability to navigate through regulatory landscapes, ensuring its clients are always a step ahead in compliance and operational efficiency.

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About Softlink Global:

Softlink Global is a premier logistics software solutions provider with a legacy spanning three decades. Serving over 4,500 logistics clients across more than 40 countries, its innovation-driven approach is best reflected in its flagship product, Logi-Sys. This comprehensive cloud-based logistics and freight management software empowers LSPs and freight forwarders to manage operations efficiently anytime, anywhere. Softlink Global takes pride in its longstanding heritage, and remains committed to continuous innovation and exceptional round-the-clock customer support.

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