Why Workflow Mechanism is the game-changing feature in Freight forwarding solutions

Email is a powerful solution to share concise and instant information between stakeholders. But the downside of email is that it can only partly help in ensuring process compliance.

Relying just on emails in an industry like freight forwarding can create uncertain scenarios among employees like:

  • Has the customer cleared the invoice?
  • What is the ETA on the vessel?
  • When was the email with documents received?

Uncertainty and delays in getting accurate information can be disastrous for freight forwarding companies. The need for a reliable and robust system has led to the emerging of workflows in freight solutions. 

Using workflow, companies can automate tasks and processes. You can define how tasks, information, and documents must flow within functions and externally. Establishing timelines and the steps to be taken if milestones are missed helps in managing processes seamlessly.

With digital processes, forwarders can view and control the end-to-end movement of shipments – from booking to the final delivery. Efficient freight companies automate their operations with workflows rather than finding information from a pile of emails.

From real-time information availability to productive collaboration, workflow is turning out to be the preferred feature in freight solutions.

Shorter and quick updates

In a fast-paced world like freight forwarding, sifting through emails for processing shipments is a time-eating activity. Workflow reduces the effort required to act upon a shipment, thereby increasing productivity. Smaller, yet meaningful updates, shared via workflow enable your team to process more shipments. Updates like the bill of lading created, pre-alert sent, etc., when shared via workflow – are faster to action. Smart mobile notifications expedite information exchange even for field staff. The workflow feature is particularly beneficial with the current scattered and remote environment of the pandemic.

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No losses due to miscommunication

Conversations like “We didn’t get the approval for timely approval” or “The changed schedule was emailed, didn’t you check?” are common when email communication is solely relied on. A missed approval or a change in the schedule are critical events that require immediate attention. Workflow rules can be designed to escalate matters of urgent need. Such interventions can prevent a delayed shipment or miscommunication from causing a dent in your company’s reputation.

Ability to prioritize

Process consistency gives forwarders the edge in the competition. Being able to react quickly to opportunities and threats helps improve service-level agreement and customer satisfaction. Since the status of your shipments is visible, your team can prioritize important shipments. For instance, if a transport vehicle is unavailable for an important shipment, you can swap the time slot with a low-priority shipment to keep up the schedule.

No repetition, maximize control

With manual processes, the team spends a lot of time constantly checking the status of a task or job. Workflow in freight solutions like Logi-Sys reduces up to 45 percent of repetitive work. And by automating the manual process, freight forwarders can save operational costs by up to 50 percent. When you have a complete view and control of your processes, you can make value additions to your business.

Consolidated view of your business with workflow

Automation drives the speed of processing freight shipments. Workflow is one of the core features to accelerate automation. Workflow in Logi-Sys helps digitize processes so you get real-time information for smart decision-making.

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