Digital Air Cargo - Far or Now

The air freight industry has been inching closer to remove inefficiencies with new technologies and innovations. The smooth processing of everything from booking air shipments to the final delivery is what forwarders are looking to improve with time.

Lack of transparency while booking can cause underselling or overselling capacity that results in affecting revenue and costs. To ensure capacity is utilized to the optimum level, air cargo owners must create visibility across channels.

Sadly, a major part of the industry is still working on a paper-based model that doesn’t allow capacity to be easily bought or sold. The air cargo fraternity has been catching up lately with digitalization trends and aims to become more productive and efficient.

Leveraging the shift of digital adoption due to the pandemic

Many air cargo companies saw themselves taking measures to go digital to lessen the impact of the pandemic. As capacity crunch arrived due to the suspension of passenger travel, air cargo companies with no digital means struggled to keep pace. Due to scarce resources in the pandemic, companies had to come up with smart ways to manage the surge in demand.

Software solutions for air cargo management gave the ability to prioritize each request and fulfill them systematically. Before the pandemic, the average wait for a shipper to receive a quote was 2-3 days. Digital solutions changed that. Shippers can precisely know the air freight rates for the routes along with the estimated time much faster. This development brought the air cargo industry forward by many years. The impact of faster booking and response to the shippers’ demands improves the bottom line of air freight companies.

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Re-keying of data can lead to costly mistakes

As per IATA, a typical booking is re-typed 97 times for an air transport booking. This only increases the possibility of errors and shrinks your capacity to take on more bookings. By automating the operational process, air cargo management software like Logi-Sys can handle up to 45 percent of repetitive work. This is achieved by breaking the larger and complex processes into simpler ones with forms containing pre-filled data. Being digital and on a central database, Logi-Sys allows direct posting in various functions like accounts, customs, and other consolidation.

Real-Time Access to Accurate information with e-AWB

A single air shipment can involve up to 30 separate paper documents, and many of the processes still require human intervention. To eliminate the need for paper and speed up the processes, e-AWB was introduced. The adoption rate for e-AWB has been picking up since the pandemic, and for good reasons. It delivers an end-to-end paperless transportation process and saves cost and effort. With e-AWB, all information about the contract between the parties can be pulled directly from a digital solution or ERP. Since data is available in real-time, you can be assured of the authenticity of the information. e-AWB allows stakeholders to act proactively on document issues so they can quickly adjust and load the shipment as scheduled.

Integration of systems for end-to-end air cargo processing

When all data is stored and accessed electronically, information can flow seamlessly from operations to billing and is accessible to all stakeholders. ERP like Logi-Sys keeps track of Incentives, Commission & Profit Sharing along with shipments, and your finances, which are timely and in order. Today, due to the early maturity of the air cargo industry with digitalization, your choice to abstain from using digital solutions only makes you vulnerable to being irrelevant in the competition.

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