5 Things You Can Do as A Freight Forwarder to Increase Your Profits

Logistics and Freight Forwarding organizations can be sensitive when it comes to profit margins. A business that cruises smoothly allows owners to think ahead of time about how to thicken their margins.

To do so, Logisticians and Forwarders must calibrate within the organization and offer quality service to their customers as well. Starting from – The first touchpoint for your customers to timely information on the progress of shipments and from – Knowing which modes are most profitable to optimizing Warehouses- let’s understand ways to cut costs and boost profits.

Go digital in your processes

An organization that aims to be efficient must have the backing of strong processes. Once all teams and team members are clear about the roles and responsibilities, seamless inter-department coordination is the by-product.

Freight Solutions offer tools like Workflow management to define processes that suit your organization. Workflows act as task assignments and monitoring tools. Workflow management handles the vital task of streamlining all functions and further establishing processes at the organizational level and function level.

Don't Avoid utilizing the Latest Technology

Sitting on disparate and isolated systems for years may be convenient but adds a lot of risks as well. Desktop-based applications make it difficult to apply security patches. Moving to modern cloud-based solutions relieves you of major security risks like data loss.

Modules like Transportation, Warehousing, Financial Management, and Sales & Service allow Logisticians to opt for a calculated approach before going full-fledged into an ERP solution. For cloud-based Freight management solutions too, two models are available:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • On-premise Hosting

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Transparent pricing, faster

Importers or exporters form the major chunk of your revenue-generating source. Providing new and existing customers a competitive quote is as important as providing it quickly. Without the help of the right tools, you may not be able to provide useful information to your customers. Incorporate a portal where your customers can self-login and seek responses to their quotes.

Getting Just-in-time Inventory right

Managing multiple orders can be another exhausting task that can eat into the productive man-hours of your human resources, adding further pressure to margins. Look for solutions offering single-window dashboards that optimize technology and data-driven processes to help manage multiple orders in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Use data about the real-time stock and space availability of your warehouse.
Reports enlisting data about:

  • Frequent destinations
  • Most used carriers
  • Average delivery time
  • Average weight/volume of shipments
  • Average costs per shipment

Real-Time Updates

Uninterrupted inter-function communication can work wonders for your organization’s efficiency. Do away with email and calling as methods of communication to initiate every internal process. Auto-alerts that are sent out to stakeholders on milestone completion help initiate actions firmly.

Even for external entities like Carriers, NVOCCs, Custom Agents, and even shippers, similar updates must be sent out. This process fosters trust and transparency and comes as a built-in functionality in Freight Forwarding Software.

How to get started?

For both small and large freight forwarding companies, Logi-Sys, an end-to-end ERP Logistics, and Freight Forwarding solution has been in service for over two decades. Logi-Sys’ implementation team enables customers to get onboard within 5-6 days with a systematic implementation grid.

If you would like to know how Logi-Sys can boost your revenues and considerably reduce your turnaround time, Book your Demo Now!

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