Five modules to optimize your logistics business in 2021
Business resolutions are like personal New Year resolutions. They bring a similar positive effect when fulfilled. In 2021, make a conscious choice to supercharge your logistics business. The need for a complete cloud ERP solution has been emphasized enough in the past year. While choosing a unique web-based ERP application, ensure the solution can optimize your business to its potential. It can be some effort in knowing what elements of a solution can suit your business. Modules in an ERP for logistics are designed keeping this complexity in mind. As we near the post-Covid-19 pandemic era, your software must include these five modules to optimize your logistics business.


While dealing with various organizations and agencies, it becomes unavoidable to make transactions in differing currencies. A good deal should not be let go just because your ERP solution is unable to handle multiple currencies.

Now businesses panning the globe, billing software must be competent enough to provide Multiple Bill Types and formats apart from handling multiple currencies. At times, there is a need to present an invoice in a requested format. A good billing solution for any industry should be able to do so in its natural capacity.


At whichever stage finances are involved, it requires careful stepping. Accounting functions like general ledger, balance sheet and expenditure-related accounting are handled seamlessly by the module.

Operational transactions in a logistics business can reach overwhelming levels very soon. To keep tabs on revenue and budget, a Financial Accounting module becomes very useful. With customized reports, your business can keep track of various financial aspects in a central location.

Each job can have multiple costing receivables, payables and cash books. Having a quick search feature to look for past transactions saves considerable time for the organization. Unforeseen costs can affect your company’s bottom line. A financial module thus becomes crucial to re-plan the finance for your business.

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Logistics involves coordinating with multiple stakeholders at various levels. At times, there may be resources that are not available when needed. A Transport management module allows you to handle your entire Local Transport operations intuitively. It helps your organization to coordinate with drivers, knowing the availability of trailers and vehicles for every container leg. Every transport completed must provide proof to begin the next-in-line step of processing. To add to that, an ERP transport solution can be of assistance in notifying the stakeholders of their assigned tasks. Powerful features of a Transportation Management System helps in handling bookings and managing the fleet efficiently.


Even in a small-scale logistics organization, managing a warehouse for goods storage and movement can be challenging. This is why it makes sense to digitize the operations in a cloud-based application. A warehouse module includes Stock Receipt, Bay Allocation, Storage, Stock Visibility, Resource Monitoring and Management. Warehouses are important in the supply chain by way of Storing products to fulfill customer demand. It also involves tasks like sequencing, packing/repacking and distribution. If your business demands quick assessments of your stock overview and re-assigning priorities, a warehouse management system can be of major help.


To begin the process of movement of your goods, identifying the applicability of containers at various stages is vital. This could mean managing your own or a leased container fleet. Having a bird’s eye view of your entire Asset Management helps in case an alternative route is to be planned.

Container Booking and Allocation, Tracking can be managed smoothly if all information is digitized. An intelligent container management module can provide container-wise Revenue Matrix and Job Profitability, and complete Container Utilization Summary.

2020 brought with it some tough business decision-making. Power your business with cloud-based ERP modules to conquer new heights of success in the year 2021.

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