Freight Forwarding Solution

In your purpose of conquering the heights of success in Freight Forwarding, strengthening your core business is key. A closer look at all your tools and ability, you realize that you have it all together. All you need is just a bit of sharpening. History has shown that economic slowdowns are the best launchpad for business growth. The world is now recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic but it won’t be long before TODAY’s opportunities for growth and scale start to fade away. Small Forwarding businesses can scale up by a combination of technology and their expertise and following our guide below.

Being Prepared Ahead of Time

Easy bird catches the worm – is certainly true for your line of business too. Speak to your carriers, transporters, and regulatory bodies and have the rates and deals done before a shipper approaches you. Larger players have a team that looks into the number crunching. You can do the legwork yourself or choose to use efficient freight management software to do it more efficiently. Freight solutions define the rate and commission masters in the system, so you don’t have to make manual repetitive entries. This keeps you completely ready to scale up when the demand surges.

All set to set sail!

With all your preparations, you still must have a stable scalable freight solution to handle volumes when the need appears. Don’t wait for the tide to rise to build your ship! You must anticipate demand and ensure all systems are in place, well before the actual demand starts kicking in. Modern software for freight is secure and scalable to your needs. To support small forwarders, solutions also offer flexible deployment models like:

  • On-Demand (Pay per use)
  • On-Premise (Perpetual License)

Choose what suits you best and implement it to strengthen your processing capabilities.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Build to your strengths with Modular solutions

The most ambitious forwarders are keen to take on more business from the time it can be sensed from a distance. Freight forwarding software companies spend a lot of time analyzing the needs of the industry. You must take advantage of such ready platforms to scale. Achieve scaling in Freight forwarding along with modules like Warehouse, Inland transport, Financial management, Customs, and Sales and Service. These modules are available as plug-and-play for your logistics and freight business. This makes it more manageable to get started on understanding the benefits of technology as you upgrade all your business functions eventually.

Connect with more Shippers and Clients

Once you are confident of being equipped for business, it is time to cast the net far wide. Use solutions for tracking your leads and prospects and all along the way including in your campaigns as well. Freight forwarder solutions come integrated with email applications like Microsoft Outlook to make it more convenient to ramp up your customer base.

Real-time Data Analysis helps in Better Decision Making

Scalable Freight Forwarding is possible only when you have access to real-time information to understand container availability, capacity, sailings, and more. Freight Software enables you to have real-time information at every step of the shipment. This helps analyze data and handle the existing inefficiencies in real-time.

Be Transparent and Accurate on Delivery

Keeping your customers informed is going to entrust more trust in you. With a transparent service, you can gain more loyal customers. This is especially true for the small freight forwarders to retain existing customers and gain new ones to scale up their business. Industry-trusted solutions have been successfully helping freight forwarders in gaining their customer’s loyalty.

How to get started with scaling your Freight Forwarding?

Use your expertise along with technology to achieve bigger goals.
Logi-Sys is a cloud-based forwarding software that has aided more than 1000 small forwarders globally to scale up their business and consequently, profit margins.

Interestingly, with Logi-Sys freight forwarding software, you can easily integrate with other clients’ systems and reap the rewards of a future-proof freight forwarding business.

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