Freight Forwarders

We wish our containers to be always full, seas ever so friendly, customs clearances in minutes, and deliveries to continually be at super speed. Ideal world, ain’t it?

Technology has been able to take care of everything from Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) to Custom clearances and even the last-mile deliveries. Despite the advancements at all levels, the real hope of stakeholders is that of Business Continuity.

We wish our business to run irrespective of a rough sea, a delayed clearance, or even another pandemic. In simplicity – to keep things running all the time, anywhere, and from any device. With the arrival of cloud-based logistics solutions, we know that it’s possible to achieve this goal. Disruptions to business are not uncommon, so considering their effects on your business continuity plans can be life-saving for the company. In the logistics and freight forwarding industry, business continuity plans are possibly more necessary than others. In the following space, we explore how you can be more agile and handle disruptions efficiently.

Stay competitive at all times

Disruptions of any scale in closely-bound functions of Logistics and freight forwarding can have the potential to adversely impact business. Whether you are running a small business or a large one, being competitive is perpetual. That being said, if you were to suffer due to an unexpected setback, your competitors would see this as an advantage to take a few paces forward in the race. Being prepared has its benefits – including executing decisions quicker. A trusted Logistics ERP Software empowers you to stay agile so you can make strategic decisions and stay relevant in the competition.

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Get on board, stay connected

Connectivity has an important purpose – both, in everyday operations and during critical times. The rise of cloud-based freight software has been due to its nature of constant access to data. Branches and functions dispersed over regions and cities are assured of real-time information access. A dynamic industry like freight forwarding must be supplied with data on priority even on regular days of operation. Few instances where instant data is required:

  • Vessel sailing schedules
  • Transport availability
  • Container space available
  • Live Shipment status  

The functions are interdependent for information exchange to keep the shipment moving. For example, if the Shipping Bill is not sent in time to Customs, the shipment won’t get clearance. Freight Forwarding Software makes data accessible round the clock, from the device of your choice; be it a laptop, tablet, and even a mobile phone.

Security over Security

As functions access data constantly, it is important to provide access only to authorized users. Moreover, keeping tabs on the activities is a great practice for auditing. These security features are available with well-known software for logistics management. Data is like the engine of your organization. Therefore, securing data is one of the major areas of cloud-based applications. Remotely secured in well-protected servers and virtual spaces, your data is further backed up in other locations. Multi-layered security reduces the chances of any hurdles to your business operations.

Fancy technology means fancy expenses as well?

There is a misconception of technology being overly expensive due to its shiny features. Consider the costs associated with cloud-based applications over traditional software for freight forwarding. Follow on to understand how cloud solutions can help you reduce your costs and increase revenue and productivity. Cloud solutions benefits include:

  • Streamlining your processes
  • Automation for speedy and efficiency of processing shipments
  • Reduction in dedicated manpower needed for shipment track and trace
  • Spot and stop revenue leakages with increased visibility

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