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There has been a traditional belief that growth can be achieved by optimization of manual processes, operational superiority, and minimization of costs. This explains the unwillingness to change the perspective towards the use of technology and digital transformation. The resistance to change may be broken due to compliance mandates, drastic internal corporate policies, or extreme environmental changes.

Twilio surveyed over 2,500 enterprise decision-makers globally and found 96% of the enterprise decision-makers believe the pandemic speed up their company’s digital transformation. Whether it is to stay afloat the tide of uncertainty or accelerate growth, going digital transforms a company’s complexion and outlook towards stakeholders.

What is Digital Transformation for Freight Forwarders and its importance?

It is paramount for every business to be available at an accessible platform for its customers. This platform in the last decade has firmly been established to be digital. Digital transformation can be thought to be a process to re-apply the use of personnel and technology to bring efficiency and growth.

Effective digital transformation brings

  • Organizational orderliness: Order brings clarity of processes and sets the path forward
  • Constant availability to customers: Being constantly available to your customers brings more opportunities
  • Mitigation of risk: When you are aware of the risk, you are better prepared
  • Increased agility and productivity: Agility keeps you flexible for any disruptions

Digital transformation requires strong alignment between business processes and the strategy to succeed.

To understand digital transformation, consider a brick-and-mortar business introducing an e-commerce store. Similarly, Freight Forwarders can attract more customers by being available to provide faster quotes online with cloud-based freight software like Logi-Sys. Taking your business and its processes digital adds to your value in the competitive world.

How to ensure the adoption of digital transformation is a smooth one?

Freight forwarding is known to have one of the most intricate ways of working. It is also notorious for over-utilizing people’s efforts rather than making judicious use of technology. Digitization of freight operations allows you to gain a greater understanding of:

  • how your business is being driven
  • what your customers demand most
  • business areas to optimize

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Manage demand fluctuation

Software for freight allows you to segment your revenue, costs, profit, and loss. Furthermore, the segregation of the performance of freight modes i.e. air, land, and sea gives more clarity. You can put yourself in your customer’s shoes to design better offers according to the volumes/business they bring you. Freight demands are seasonal yet dynamic. To handle this situation better, you can strategize lower freight rates on lower-demand seasons and vice-versa to maintain the momentum.

Going digital with the assistance of Freight Forwarding Software brings benefits such as:

Power of integration of daily apps

Communication is intense for forwarders and it is a process that must be light, simple and yet be effective. Task such as sending emails with attached reports is a frequent activity. Integrated freight solution provides the capability to send emails with attached reports without even leaving the freight software.

Credit Limit on Customers

Don’t lose sight of the revenues by monitoring and keeping in control the transactions made. Set credit limits for customers to keep control of the cash flow.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Cloud-based technology makes it possible to access your Logi-Sys application with any device having an Internet-enabled browser. Get real-time updates by always being connected to a centralized database.

Banking transaction consolidation

As volumes increase, it could be quite a task to get hold of your receivables and payables. Freight Management Software collates all transactions and segments them into easy viewing via intuitive reports.

Compliance Online documentation

Freight software manages AWB & HAWB, Direct, Consolidation, and Back To Back Shipments along with e-AWB. Sea freight compliance documentation like Bill of Lading (BL), House Bill of Lading (HBL), and Manifest are also integrated within freight solutions. Logi-Sys allows Document Management to ensure a virtually paperless office. Also, quotations, invoices, and other essential documentation can be scanned, classified, and stored against their respective shipment or company.

Get started with your Digital Transformation

Over the years, Logi-Sys has established trust among Freight Forwarders for complete electronic management of air, sea, and land freight management. Get real-time information and comprehensive visibility to maximize your business potential. Schedule your Logi-Sys demo and unlock the never-before-seen benefits.

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