Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction has Multiple Gains for your Logistics Business

The quality of service towards customers is directly or indirectly proportional to the progress of a business. Keeping customers happy is regarded as one of the key engagements of an organization. The level of customer satisfaction can establish or tarnish an organization’s reputation.

Statistics suggest that the cost of keeping a customer is only one-tenth of winning a new one.

In the Logistics business too, a customer holds a prime position of importance. While planning for the growth of the company, continual customer satisfaction must also be a part. The answer to the following questions will help you plan better:

  • Is my organization doing enough for my customers?
  • How can I add value to my customer service?

Logistics management software makes it simpler to manage and prioritize meeting customer demands. In the following space, we’ll suggest a few ways to go about this.

Using CRM to know your customers better

It is no secret that a happy customer will result in winning repeat business for the company. Thus, it seems self-evident that companies must keep up the level of service so the customer is satisfied. A satisfied customer usually returns and helps you expand your customer base.

Continual good experiences for customers can be managed well with a CRM module in the logistics software. CRM module captures the entire customer life-cycle from inquiry to acquisition. Having knowledge of the customer’s past shipment bookings and volumes brought in, you could design attractive rates for them to keep going.

Effective use of CRM provides enhanced customer insights to better engage with the customers. Freight Forwarders and logisticians can utilize CRM data to offer customized plans to their top customers. There is no doubt shippers prefer to do business with Logistics Service Providers (LSP) that offer great service for the best rates.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Stand out in your competition with great service

Providing your customers just enough won’t help you make a difference in the larger game; the competition. A valued customer helps you boost your company’s image and stand apart in the crowd. Globalization has led to freight forwarders servicing wider regions for increased business. 

Great service will allow you to gain customers from newer regions too. Customers like to be associated for the long-term with companies that value them. The entity that sets the bar for the quality of service or product is your customer.

Devising a Customer-Oriented Strategy gives Dividends

Shippers, transporters, carriers, and your other customers are constantly running time-sensitive assignments. Information is crucial to the timely execution of deliveries. Like your customers, you must provide the information on a timely and regular basis.

With well-defined workflows and integrated processes, freight forwarders and logisticians can prioritize customer communication. Standardized processes help in simplifying operations and mistakes. It also reduces job turnaround time and results in much higher efficiency.

Making it convenient for the customer to receive information avoids any gaps in pleasing the customer. For instance, alerts of progressive updates sent on customers’ smartphones will

  • reduce customer’s anxiety and
  • assure them of the shipment’s progress

Bringing it together

Having customer satisfaction as part of your goals is crucial to bring gains for your organization. Place yourself in the customer’s shoes to get a sense of how they would like to be serviced. One of the trusted logistics software with CRM module is Logi-Sys. It has been developed by Softlink Global, which has been delivering solutions for LSPs, Customs Brokers, and Freight Forwarders for over two and a half decades.

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